Zack Childress REI Success Academy Ratings

Zack Childress REI Success Academy Ratings

The website is very informative with lots of free information for the visitors to the sites. Here are ratings for different features of the academy and its website.

On the overall usefulness of the trainings and free information offered by the academy, it gets a rating of A-. Tons of information that is available on the website is up to date and written in a format that is easily read.

On the area of the ease to navigate the website in the search for the correct information, the academy earns a rating of B+. The arrangement of the site provides a little difficulty for the readers that are seeking specific information about the company. The website can be improved to make it easier for the visitors to move around.

On the cost of the services and the ease to cancel the subscription if one decides otherwise, the academy scores a D. Several subscribers expressed delay in the process of cancelling for the service and getting a refund. However, the number of clients that seek a refund is much lower than people that go on with the program to completion. On the pricing of the service, i8t cannot be said to be very expensive given that similar professional services across the internet are much more expensive.

The academy, and in particular, Zack is available to answer questions posed by followers and visitors within a short time, The academy even offers some few minutes of free chat with the real estate guru. If one is not able to reach Zack Childress, he or she can still get answers from the numerous articles that are written on the blog.

The various training services are well spelt out and easy to follow. Several people have actually made the fortune by following the instructions of REI Academy and Zack Childress in particular.

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Overall, the REI Academy gets a rating of an A-. It is a highly effective training program especially for the real estate entrepreneurs that are starting out in the market and have little information on how to go about getting their services. You can sign up to training at any time by visiting the REI Success Academy Website. Be assured that you shall get quality information and a step-by-step guidance to success in real estate investment.

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