zack childress real estate in 7 ways of selling a home fast

Zack Childress Real Estate in 7 ways of selling a home fast

Zack childress real estate there are billions of sellers, but how to attract a buyer and sell your home fast?

Zack Childress real estate reviews suggest 7 ways to sell your home fast


Make sure that the outlook of your home is pleasant as well as attractive to capture the attention of the buyers. Both front yard and backyards are looked extensively. Maintain the home staging and garden neat. Hanging baskets, drip irrigated plants may seek quick attention. Hire a gardener to clean up and trim your bushes in your garden. Buyers prefer a well designed kitchen, clean carpet, window panes, well maintained restrooms and pleasant wall colors in living room and bedrooms with all amenities. Add brightness by letting candles and make sure ample light is there to give a good look when buyer visits your home. So make sure all that are ticked.

2.Pricing and paper work

Quote a reasonable price and your buyer will be impressed. Research the current market value of your area and take reputable real estate agent advice before fixing a price. Legal procedures and fixing appliances are time consuming; you can do those before buyers occupy the apartment.

3.Online help

Prospective buyers can take a look at your home even virtually nowadays or you can hire a DSLR photographer to click high resolution photographs and post it on the property portals which will seek the buyers’ attention instantly.

4.Hiring agents

This is part and parcel of home selling process , hiring a real estate agent is common to help you out in pricing, negotiating, finding buyers.

5.Special offers

You can give discount in order to sell your home fast for e.g. decreasing closing cost, early possession date. Instead of asking for a closing cost, you can provide them appliances for everyday usage

6.Social media and advertising

Use social media vigorously to promote your home. Post on Facebook, listing association, REIA, and create Whatsapp groups so that the word spreads like wildfire that you need a buyer. You can even give rental ads in magazines and newspapers as many look into it every morning.


You can sell your house to your house-flippers as they quickly buy them in no time. You can also save on repairs as they take care of them.

Guaranteed sales program is a scam happening everywhere; it works like the agent will guarantee to list your property for a stipulated period of time and if it’s not sold within that time limit, the agent will buy directly from the seller, but what actually happens is the agent will not list the property as promised but will buy the property with a very low price causing loss to the seller.

Zack Childress quick REI cash system has several blogs which can enlighten the investors and create ignite the minds with tricks of selling the home fast and prevent from scams. Zack Childress automated wholesaling system offers the investors to co-wholesale at free of cost.


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