Zack Childress real estate reasons on buying new home

Zack Childress real estate reasons on buying new home

Zack childress Real estate-Investors prefer new home than an old (used) property as it has many advantages. New home offers latest design, high comfort and quality than an old home. Zack Childress real estate reviews defines the reasons on why a purchaser prefers new property as follows

    Define and design your style

  • When you purchase a new property, you owe all the rights to design your interiors including, door, kitchen modeling, and lighting. You can also decide the number of bedrooms and its location in your home, ceiling, and flooring when you construct. Floor plan can be designed by the proprietor.
  • New homes are built with energy efficient capacity to save electricity. 2 or 3 window panes, special window coatings are made to save energy throughout the year for all seasons to save energy. Better ventilation and indoor air quality is superior to age old homes, air can also be filtered so that you inhale only pure air.
  • Community based homes offers clubhouse, swimming pool and gym facilities inside the building. Supermarket, school and other facilities are available inside the building, so people need not travel out much.
  • These homes offer highly efficient furnaces and air conditioners that use eco-friendly coolants.
  • Hire real estate agents for the following purpose:

    Physical inspection is required while purchasing a home; to facilitate the same an agent need to be hired as he will have better knowledge and can do comparative assessment easily on the potential factors because he visits several other properties. Other key factors to do inspection are

  • Safety issues need to be checked.
  • Discover any pest or insect issue
  • Structural issues
  • Decide future expense
  • Intricacies of local market is judged accurately by the agents
  • Evaluate best financing strategies; take the help of local mortgage companies to get the best deals.
  • To do negotiations with your seller
  • Cons of used property

  • Whereas in the already purchased and used property may have all the essentials in worn out condition with respect to the age of the building and usage. In addition to that, the repair cost has to be spent by the owner; instead purchasing new property is worth your money owing to several advantages.
  • Decade old constructions do not posses any energy efficient features, so you need to spend on electricity bills more. Moreover, there was no proper ventilation or filtration of air.
  • There was no community based home system a decade ago, so people had to commute a lot to buy everything.

You can add insulation and replace single pane windows to a used home is the only advantage.

Real estate scam can be like offering properties that are either fore closured or empty but stating it as a brand new property.

Zack Childress, the real estate whizz has written many articles and conducts webinars on quick REI cash system where investors can get ideas about purchasing a new home and how to prevent from scam. Zack Childress automated wholesale system offers co-wholesaling opportunities for the new investors.


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