Zack Childress REI Success Academy Getting Started Series Video 3 Week 3

Week 1 Recap:

1. Budget
2. Power Team
3. Systems
4. Training (strategy)

Week 2 Recap:

1. Research your market
2. Start calling leads
3. Start your direct mail
4. Run Ads
5. Start making offers…

Now we are moving into Week 3 which I teach about in more detail at my live event. If you haven’t signed up for the live event yet, you will want to do that quickly because we have less than 20 seats available.

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This week, we will be discussing: 

1. Making more phone calls
2. Marketing for buyers
3. Building out your Lead Intake Systems
4. Starting to talk to local banks
5. Starting to make offers…

Also, we are going to go over the 6 Steps in the Lead Intake stage.

These are highly important for you to know as you are moving through the lead intake portion.

I teach this at my live event. Make sure you get to that event. It’s coming up this May!

Go here now. We are almost out of seats for this event! Get on board to the new strategies of real estate investing.

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I’ll see you at the top!


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