zack childress views on real estate wholesaling

Zack Childress views on real estate wholesaling

Zack childress real estate wholesaling is similar to house flipping but for a short span and without doing repair work, it is sold. A real estate wholesaler, contract with the home seller, finds a potential buyer and markets the home. The profit earned by the wholesaler is pretty good as the buyer price is more than the contracted seller price. The objective of the wholesaling is to sell off the property before the contract period and original seller close the deal. The ultimate is adding contingency to the purchase contract where the deal is closed if the wholesaler doesn’t find a potential buyer before the mentioned closing date.


Building network of investors and finding deals

Making money out of distressed properties as you buy them under-value, but get a better price when you sell.

Learn the tricks and tactics of real estate wholesaling quick, it is the best way for investors to start their career and for more you can visit Zack Childress automated wholesaling system where new investors can co-wholesale without using credit or cash.

Zack Childress complaints on real estate wholesaling

  • Income is not guaranteed
  • When you don’t find a potential buyer

Where to find the property?

  • MLS (multiple listing schemes) allows the investors to have a quick view of all the properties that are on sale.
  • Find off-market properties i.e. distressed properties.

Things required before you start wholesaling:

  • License: To abide by the law, get a license and start brokering.
  • Attend REIA (Real estate investor association) meetings where several points are discussed about properties on sale and you can meet potential buyers there.
  • Send e-mails, make a list of people who have showed interest on your property and add them to your subscribers list. Mail them regarding the properties either weekly or bi-weekly.
    Advertise off-market properties
  • Create your own customized website which would attract several potential buyers towards your property.

How to market your property?

Direct mail marketing: sending postcards, promotional mails to potential buyers. It is considered to be cheap if sent in bulk. Quick response when well-written but many consider it to be junk mail

Content marketing: creating valuable, relevant and consistent content for a well defined and targeted audience.

Bandit sign marketing: to establish potential multiple points of contact in order to find prospective buyers. long term success in real estate investment.

The rental scam is very common where agents make use of the information posted on MLS and post it on property portals. On seeing the ad, the investors contact these brokers who are actually scammers and provide their information which is getting misused.

Interested investors who want to know more about real estate wholesaling and prevent themselves from scam can visit Zack Childress quick REI cash system.

Zack Childress views on real estate wholesaling
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Zack Childress views on real estate wholesaling
Zack childress real estate wholesaling is similar to house flipping but for a short span and without doing repair work, it is sold

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