The 24-Week Challenge: Week 21 – A Voice Blasting System

The question the 24-Week Challenge poses is how do real estate investors build real wealth and freedom without access to millions of dollars in capital? Zack Childress is taking us through the steps to get to the answer.

We’re nearing the end of the challenge… we’ve gotten up to week 21. In this podcast, we’re going to learn about using voice blast to assist in contacting prospects multiple times and multiple ways.

You can use direct mail, email, phone, text and voice blast to reach prospects. It’s important to use several communication methods because you don’t know which message the prospect will see or hear, or which one will elicit a response.

Voice blasting is like having your own call center without hiring call center employees. You can reach hundreds of buyers or sellers with a short message and a call back number.

You can also use voice blast for follow-up messages. Again, you want to make contact with the prospect multiple times. Create a sense of urgency with your messages to buyers.

“Be the person that seeks the attention in this market space; be the one with the loudest voice.”

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What’s inside:

  • Market yourself using multiple contact points
  • Repeated messages are a GOOD thing
  • Use a script for marketing
  • Need additional help? Contact Zack

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So, the big question is this, how do aspiring real estate investors like us escape from the rat race and build real wealth and freedom without access to millions of dollars in investment capital and start to live the life that we know we deserve? This is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Zack Childress and welcome to Real Estate Investing Talk Show.

So the key to this is really understanding multiple touch marketing, right? That’s where Voice Blast comes in. It really helps us build a strategy that’s going to create multiple touch marketing. Because here’s why, if you’re just emailing somebody, the likelihood they’re getting your email is pretty slim. Let’s just call that what it is. I mean, I’m in the business of informing people about what we do on an ongoing basis and we know the deliverability is not always there. So you’ve got to start thinking of it from a process of like, how do I touch a prospect, whether it be a buyer or a seller in a way that they’re not being touched right now. And I don’t mean physically touch. Okay, let’s be clear on that. Um, I just mean interact with them and so if you’re just the type that’s just, you know, you got a seller and so you’re emailing that seller, that’s not enough. It’s not enough. I mean really, you got to think of it from a multiple angle approach. I got to email them, I’ve got to call them, I’ve got to direct mail them and I got a Voice Blast them on a regular basis to get them to reengage.

You never know which one of those touches is going to tell the prospect to do something. Listen, they may be like me. Some days I opened up my email and there’s 6,000 emails in there. I just delete them all. Let’s just delete them all because I don’t even want to filter through them. Right? Because here’s what I know. If somebody really wants to get a message to me, guess what they’re gonna do, they’re gonna email me again. Right? So, so you gotta think about that. The other thing about voice blasting is it is an absolute great way to initiate a conversation with the seller that you have not really talked to yet. And so, for example, if I’ve got sellers that I’m pulling off of, let’s say for sale by owner sites and just other sites, I might even pull a list that has the ability to give me phone numbers. If they’re not on the do not call list, I can actually create a call center for myself without hiring people. You understand? Like I can create a call center without hiring people and we all know that the market is getting very competitive right now and it’s going to be competitive for the next couple of years.

And then we’re going to see another market correction. I mean, it’s just inevitable. It’s gonna happen. Um, but during that competitive time, you’ve got to be doing things others aren’t doing. And then that’s just the key. You have to be. Voice blasting is a great way to basically have an army making phone calls for you without hiring an army of people to make phone calls for you. And so, you could simply create a message that says, Hey, I saw your property was for sale and let’s say it’s in the city of Huntsville, I saw your property was for sale in the city of Huntsville and I’m interested in buying more properties in the city of Huntsville. And I was just curious if it’s still for sale, because if it is, I’d be interested in buying it. If I could speak to you and get some information on the property, please give me a call back at blah blah, blah, blah blah, or visit my website, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Boom. Done out the door. And here’s the best part. I can load three, four, 500 a thousand numbers into a voice blasting system and hit them all at once. You will never be able to dial 500 people as fast as I can send a voice blast to them. It just won’t happen. And so, it allows you to speed up the process in which you’re going to be getting deals done. It speeds it up tremendously. It gives you an advantage in a highly competitive market when everybody else is doing the same thing, be different. Go against the grain. Be the person that seeks the attention in this market space. Now, let me explain this to you. See, in marketing, there’s different times for different marketing approaches like guerrilla marketing, attention grabbing, marketing, passive marketing… there’s different times. Right now, it’s the person with the loudest voice is getting the attention and you’ve got to understand that you’ve got to have the loudest voice.

You got to have the biggest reach. You’ve got to have multiple touches right now in this market because I promise you, if you create a multiple touch system, direct mail, voice blasting, text messaging, phone calls, email, you don’t have to do all five of them, but if you create a multiple touch, you’re going to have the loudest voice against your competitors and it’s going to resonate with the person on the other end. Okay? And those messages are very short and quick. You don’t need a five-minute message. I mean, literally that message needs to be, you know, a minute or less, just enough to catch their attention and agitate them to make a response. For instance, I don’t make a voice blast that says, Hey, my name’s Zach and I was calling you today because I wanted to talk to you about something. They’ve already hung up the phone.

Okay? I call and when they answer my voicemail says, Hey, I’m interested in buying your property in Huntsville. I noticed it was for sale. Is it still for sale? Boom. Literally within the first 10 seconds I have demonstrated something that they’re interested in so that they keep listening, but you got to be real quick, real precise to what it is they want. Not, not you trying to figure out what you say, like sit down and write it out. Make a script. Listen, all great investors, they have scripts. All great have scripts. All great business owners have scripts for their teams. Write it out, use it, be confident in it. Okay? Use voice blasting to give you an edge in the market. Um, where can you get a voice blast service? Um, you can go to Voice Connect Inc. They have the ability to do voice blasting, you can go to I think is another one. There’s lots of them out there. Okay.

And you want any of your… like for instance, you also use voice blasting for follow-up. You guys know that we teach them what’s called a lead intake process and one of the last ones is negotiation and after negotiation is converting. So, during the negotiation process, if they, if they say no to me and they don’t want to take my offer, that don’t mean I walk away. I put them in a converting process so that I’m following up with them. I’m trying to convert them later and one of those is voice blasting so that in 30 days they’re going to get a voice blast for me that says, hey, just checking to see if you sold your property yet. I’m still interested in buying properties in your area. If you haven’t sold it and you’d like to reconsider talking to me about the property and my offer, please give me a call back. This is Zack Childress with Landmark Investments and here’s my number, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? I’m, I’m reengaging them through that process.

That’s why it’s important that we understand multiple touch marketing. I’m the other side of that equation is that you don’t just use it for initiating with someone to get them to come to you like a call center. You also use it as, as a, as a follow up process to get people to keep touching them. It’s also known as drip marketing. You’re just dripping on them to see if they become more motivated over time. Right? So, in drip marketing, you might do voice blasting, you might do text messaging, you might do postcard, direct mail, um, uh, you might do email in there as well, but it’s the multiple touches because here’s why. You might send them a postcard and they might’ve threw it away in the trash can, never read it. You might send them an email and they never opened it. You might send them a voice blast and next thing you know, boom, oh, there’s that Zac guy. You know what? I forgot about him. I need to talk to him.

So, there’s another side of that voice blasting that I wanted to cover. I just wanted to get some of your questions caught up here and that’s on the buyer side, right? We’ve been, we’ve been talking about voice blasting on the seller side and so now I want to talk about voice blasting on the buyer’s side. okay. So, the reason that you want to be using voice blasting services on the buyer side as well as for the exact same reasons as the seller, if it’s a buyer, like a good buyer. I’ll give you an example.

Like in my world, man, I get hit with wholesalers constantly. I can tell you this, I probably lose more deals because I can’t keep up with the emails from agents and wholesalers and you know, people want to bring me deals but I just don’t have time to look at all of them. But here’s the thing, that’s what goes on with buyers, right? they’re not always checking their email. They’re not getting to all the emails in the timely manner that you might want them to be. So, when you use voice blasting to those buyers, you’re getting to them immediately, immediately, and now that voice blast to that buyer could be a little bit longer than a seller, but it needs to start off the same way, not the same message, but as we say, an impact charge, right? And it needs to say… let’s say I’m voice blasting a buyer about a deal. I’d say,

Hey, this is Zack. I’ve got a great deal with $40,000 worth of equity in it. This property is ready to go, needs minimum rehab, $5,000 looking for a buyer immediately on this, taking all first buyers upfront.

We’ll consider second buyers. First to call me, I’ll be happy to talk to you about the deal. Uh, this message is going out to several people. So, ring me back, phone number.

Literally, I’m very clear. Look, I just sent this out to a ton of people. Um, minimum rehab, 40,000 in profit. However, the deal is right? And you don’t say that exact word, but whatever the deal is, you might have a rental property, you might call a voice blast your landlords and say, got another. Got another rental property in your area. This property is going to produce net net $300 a month, $3,600 a year in net net after debt services. It has a 32 percent cash on cash return. This message is going out to several people. I’m looking for a landlord that wants to buy this property right now. Call me back. Here’s my phone number.

I’m creating very clear information. I’m not telling them about the whole deal, but I’m telling you about what’s important to them, which is the returns, the cash, the equity, and then I’m creating a sense of urgency so that they’re going to call me back, right voice blast. That’s like having a call center at your fingertips. You understand? It’s like having a call center at your fingertips because you’re saying, hey look, this is just a short message. Call me back and I’ll give you all the details. Boom, it’s out the door and gone. Now, if you’ve got a buyers list of 50 people, you just hit all 50 of them literally within two minutes and the phone starts ringing,

ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.

Now you’re going to be sitting back going, golly, that worked golly that went fast. That worked. You’d be like, man, I got that on a live show with Zack Childress! So, I want you guys to really consider some of these multiple touch marketing strategies. Okay? Listen guys, that’s part of your training today, week 21 of your 24-week challenge, which means while we only got three weeks left and I got a whole bunch more to share with you, I got over 140 different topics I want to talk to you about. Yeah, I know. I’m locked and loaded, man. I’m locked and loaded so I’m. I’m excited about sharing it with you guys. I’m excited about sharing it with you, but you got to make the effort. You got to put the time in. You got to put the work in. Okay. You if you need stuff and you say, look, I want to know how to evaluate. You need to call the office and say, look, I need help. What can you guys do for me? If you need advice or direction called the office, ask somebody, what do I. What do I do here? How do I do this? I need help. Who can help me?

That’s what we’re here for. You guys like we’re full brick and mortar office to support you guys as a student. That’s, that’s what we do. I come in here every Tuesday and Wednesday to do these shows for you guys to keep you engaged, keep you moving forward and all I ever ask of you is just to share the message. That’s what I asked. Share the message. Get it out there like the page, like the comments, build the community, talk to other people in the community, you know, get in the circle, right? Get in the circle.

That’s where it’s at. Follow me on YouTube. We have lots of videos on YouTube, Check me out on Instagram. You need some daily dose of motivation. Go to zack underscore childress. I’m on Instagram. I also shoot little funny videos behind the scenes stuff. Just me and the kids. Just as more of a… just a reality. Really. I mean that’s like reality with motivation, so we all need that, so we all need that. So anyways, the point is this, you’re in the right spot. If you stay in it, you got to stay in it to win it. Okay? You got to stay committed to win, you got to stay in the circle, you’ve got to find the family that’s going to help you and take care of you. And I’m promise ya, I, I know we can help you if you stay with us and you engage with us and you listen to your advisors.

They have all kinds of plans to help you guys get where you want to be in life and in this business, but you got to engage with the community and with our team here and so and get to our live events. That’s the number one thing I can tell you. Be at a live event. We have a Do Deals event, we also do the bus tour where we have our Rehabbing Three Day Event. Usually that’s for our coaching students. We do offer it up for a couple of seats to individuals that want to come to that. We just did it. We have our Two-Day Immersion that you know, is right around the corner. We also have our Summit. The Summit is like the next level from the Do Deals event. This we only the summit. We only do twice a year. Um, we’re doing what we’re planning to do, two of them a year.

We’re going to roll out our first Summit at the end of the year. That’s just next level stuff. That’s next level marketing. That’s high-level direct mail, that’s seo marketing, that’s google marketing, facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, YouTube marketing, that’s media buying, that’s, you know, business systems and strategies in acquisitions and teams and kpis and you know, um, you know, cost per leads and tracking and scaling and asset protection. And um, we’re bringing in, you know, our accounting team to talk about what you need to be looking for with tax advantage. And setting up QuickBooks and we’re bringing in our business lines of credit professional, and she’s going to be there to help you guys strategize and what you need to be prepared for. I mean, that’s a nother level, right? That’s the Summit. You don’t want to. That’s like we, we have, the Do Deals Event is like climbing the mountain.

The Summit is when you’re like a got it. I’m often running. And that’s really all. That’s us. That’s what we have, right? And so, um, so get engaged, get to all of them or get to some of them. it’s really up to you and where you are in your business. That’s why they’re designed the way they are to cater to the needs of you guys. It’s all about you. We’re on a mission. Remember? Change 10,000 lives and you’re one of those lives. And so how do we do that? We make sure that we’re putting enough information out there that’s going to help you get to where you want to be, but you’ve got to make that journey. You’ve got to take those steps. You got to put one foot in front of the other. You can’t let excuses stop you from getting where you want to be. Remember, excuses are everywhere. They’ll never run out. Opportunity isn’t everywhere, and sometimes it’s right in front of you looking you in the face and you’ve got to think about, do I move forward with everything I got or do I make some excuse on why can’t do it? At the end of the day, it’s your choice. You make those choices.

You’ve been listening to the real estate investing talk show. I’m Zack Childress and I’m on a mission to create 10,000 real estate bosses over the next year. Will you be one of them? Head over to my website, reisuccess, and register for my free web class where you’ll discover how to escape from the nine to five grind and become your own boss in real estate. See you there.