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Zack childress With real estate deals moving into a sphere of rushing activity, you need to get smarter while investing in real estate properties. There are multiple articles on the web from many real estate gurus and mentors on how to come out with flying colors in a real estate transaction. In here, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and mentor gives high class tips on pulling off a triumphant real estate negotiation.

Good home staging techniques

Of course, you should stage your home well. Use minimum décor, paint, clean and present an uncluttered, neat and tidy home. Simple yet attractive must be the mantra.

Quality Real Estate Guidelines - Zack Childress

Price accurately

Browse thru rates for similar home listings and talk to the local board to gain insight into the trends in current market prices. Also talk to your realtor before you actually arrive at a decision on the price. Fix the price based on the market value rather than opinions and feelings.


Do fix up the leaking tap and the ceilings. Repair broken kitchen cupboards and equipments. Fix up all broken stuff.

Curb appeal

This is the most crucial one. Potential buyers are lured towards your residence based on your exteriors. Put some lights if it is the winter. Give a coat or two to gel well with the roofs, ceilings, window panes and surroundings.

Good advertising and marketing strategies

You should use really fine photos and videos to create an appeal in the minds of the buyers. Then only, they will approach you. If they are not impressed by the advertisements, then you cannot draw buyers.

Hire a good realtor

Interview your realtor to test his knowledge. Learn about his retailing tactics. Ask about his brokerage and double check his track record. It is also good to go by references from friends and family.

Understand the terms of the contract

Know your rights and obligations. Ask a lawyer to explain and then consult the real estate broker too.

Don’t postpone

Don’t procrastinate. If you have decided to sell your home, don’t wait until spring to sell since it is the best selling season. You can sell in the holidays as well. Do some good staging and complete the selling.

First is always the best

Take the first offer seriously. It is always the best one.

Guidelines of quality real estate
Guideline for Source of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is the involvement of management, purchase, rental, sale, or ownership of a real estate that can be used as profit. Real estate development is the improvement of a specific realty property as part of the strategy in the investment of real estate. This is generally considered as a real estate sub-specialty. Relative to the other investment kinds, real estate is a form of asset that has fixed liquidity.

Real estate also is also regarded to be capital intensive and is highly dependent on cash flow. These factors must be well managed and understood otherwise the investor gives himself risks. One of the main causes for investment to fail in dealing with real estate is because the investor experiences a zero cash flow for quite some time wherein the amount can no longer be sustained, this will result to a forced reselling of the property gone into insolvency.

Acquiring and looking for sources of real estate is not hard although the real estate market in numerous countries are not that efficient or organized compared to other having instruments of liquid investment. Individual properties are not interchangeable and are unique by themselves. This presents one big challenge to investors who want to evaluate investments and price opportunities. This is one reason why when searching for properties wherein one can invest in, it involves competition and substantial hard work among the investors to be able to purchase properties.

This will be variable depending on the availability knowledge. This provides a lot of opportunities for the investors to acquire properties at cheaper prices but poses an increased risk in terms of transaction. Investors of real estate usually use a number of appraisal methods in order to figure out the value of the property before the purchase.

Sources of properties for investment include:

Agents of real estate

Market listings

Private sales

Public auction


The moment a property fit for investment is located, the investor will negotiate a sale price and terms with the one selling the property, then after the business talk, the contract for sale will be executed. In order to be assisted in the process of acquisition, the investors can sometimes employ attorneys or agents having the knowledge about real estate. This is due to the deal that acquire a real estate posses a lot of complexes which may lead to a very costly deal if executed improperly.

During property acquisition, the investor makes an offer to buy the reserve of the investor’s right to complete their transaction upon satisfactorily negotiating with the latter. This reservation money can be refunded or not and is a sign for the investor’s willingness and seriousness to purchase the property.

The terms for the offer in real estate investing include several contingencies that allow the investor sufficient time to complete diligence and acquire financing before the final purchase. During the contingency period, the one investing usually reserve the right to abolish the offer with no attached penalties and accomplish refund on money deposits. Once the contingencies expired, rescinding usually requires the forfeit of money deposits and may sometimes leave penalties as well.

That is why, to avoid such penalties, the investor must have a great deal of understanding and knowledge on the venture that he has to overcome. Legal advises from people having investing backgrounds will greatly help to lessen the risk.

What to avoid in real estate investing

For beginners, real estate investing is never a walk in the park. It has a lot of risks. There are numerous companies that sell property investments for novices but the question would strike you with the trust that they impose. This is a beginner’s investment guide for one to realize the things that he or she needs to say “no” to and what should be regarded as false reassurances.

Tip 1 – Scout the area

Before investing in a property, you must first asses the area. Does it have every inch of it being desirable for a family, a couple or an individual to live in? For beginners, you must first try to settle on the ones that’s “safe”. Ignore those that have risks attached to it. Stick to the properties with good reputation. Areas having good reputations will not cover any mortgage therefore looking for an area where figures do stack up is more appropriate. You have to be very careful with individuals and companies who indulge in selling properties that looks ancient or having lots of deserted houses or was known to be an area having illegal activities like drug trafficking and so on. These kinds of properties are fine but if you don’t have any kind of background yet, stick to the safest areas offered.

Tip 2 – Trust no one

Ask yourself this – do I have the money to afford the property of my choice? Commissions come in huge packages. Individuals or companies have ways of creatively getting your attention and dodging you into agreeing with their offer. Some of the truths are hidden lies that often make you think that you can afford a particular property where in fact, it will lead you to bankruptcy. If you think you can’t afford the property, don’t accept the offer. Turn it down. You will have a certain gut feeling about this, rest assured. Don’t be easily swept with seemingly wise words and sweet nothings. Follow your own pace. However, pushing yourself to achieving your goals will lead you in achieving learning and development.

Tip 3 – Ask

Don’t be afraid to pop out a question especially for those who are saying so much. If an agent or a certain individual offers you something, ask the person if he or she has invested in the property that he or she is offering. If they have, then, it proves that the property is and will be a good investment. But if they haven’t invested in anything that they claim, pop another question. Sometimes, what companies and agents offer will speak for themselves. Think, if what they offer are so fantastic, then why haven’t they invested on it? Until they have satisfied your questions, might as well turn down the offer.

Tip 4 – Be on your guard

There are a lot of people who will go into such lengths such as fooling other people for their benefit. You shouldn’t be fooled by what companies claim about property masters or gurus for these may lure you into believing nothing. In real estate investing, you have to always be on your guard to avoid certain decisions that can lead you into a predicament.
Following these simple tips will definitely guide you into having a more profitable and risk-free deal. These tips will give you a head start.

In a slow real estate market and a fast-moving real estate market, real estate investors and first-time home buyers face a rising battle. Buying and selling properties is possible, but it is no easy thing. With that said, avoiding some common mistakes will help you stay on the right track. Following are some of the common mistakes you should be avoiding.

Lack of research, overpaying, executing things on your own, underestimating expenses, misjudging cash flow, skipping homework are some of the most common real estate mistakes that new real estate investors should avoid.

Common Mistakes you should avoid

A rigorous approach is highly important when you are purchasing a home, because sometimes you will end up paying more if you skip or don’t perform some research about the market. Determine what you purchase is indeed worth the money and this is possible only through research and homework. Planning to close the real estate transaction on your own is another mistake. It is always vital to consider suggestions from respective field experts and at a minimum, it includes a savvy real estate agent, a competent home inspector, a handyman, a good attorney and an insurance representative. These experts are necessary to perform their own actions and they will alert you in case of any issues. Hence it is always good to take up the help the professionals who will help you come to a conclusion with their proposals.

A sufficient cash flow is necessary if you wanted to buy, hold and rent out properties, this will help to cover maintenance. Hiring a property manager might make things easy, but many would have never interviewed a property manager and have little idea about how they work, says real estate professional Zack Childress.

The hardcore truth is that if investing in real estate were easy, everybody would be doing it. Fortunately, lots of struggles that depositors undergo can be avoided with due diligence and proper planning before the real estate contract is signed.

Tips before signing a contract

Make your real estate investing more rational with Zack Childress real estate programs. His persuasive and widely inclusive program is the result of the individual encounters of a large number of land financial specialists whose consistent works have guided to its long haul extension and achievement.

Zack Childress projects are a gift to individuals who needed to construct riches, easy revenue, and budgetary opportunity in the field of land, helping you overcome from things that have kept you saved from taking vital activities to achievement, Zack Childress land projects are certain to make you defeat the holdup, regardless of the reason.

Buyers and sellers avoid real estate mistakes:

Real estate buyers and sellers make some sure shot real estate mistakes. These are to be solved by using the guidance of an expert real estate agent. There are also many articles on the web and magazines which have compiled together these flaws. Zack Childress, the owner of REI success academy which promotes automated wholesaling systems gives us a general overview about the common real estate mistakes that are made in this article. So let’s read this to learn about it.

Buying a house for its decorations:

We are not buying the objects inside the home but the home itself. The decorations should not be considered above the home. We should give more importance to the square footage and the floor plan. We can also measure the dimensions and plan on how our belongings will fit in with the new home.

Don’t blindly believe what is seen on the internet:

We cannot afford to blindly believe what is there on the internet. The internet is full of cheats who will fleece us into paying for a property which is not theirs. Also the property may be different when we see it in person. The pictures that we see on the internet do not reveal everything. For example: We may have not seen in the pictures that a house is backed up by train tracks and dustbin areas. So, we should always ascertain what we read or see on the internet.

Give easy access to the home:

We should give easy access to the home. Our home must have a nice parking facility and it must be easier to get into the home. If buyers don’t find it comfortable, then it is a put off factor. They will start looking for alternate properties if this happens.

Avoid Selling Mistakes:

An owner’s title insurance should be brought:

When we buy homes, we must buy an owner’s title insurance. The owner’s title insurance must be brought along with the lender’s title insurance. Otherwise if something goes wrong, the lender will be made responsible wholly financially. If we buy with cash, then we must order our own owner’s title insurance. There can be so many things that can go wrong with the title. A former owner will pop out from nowhere and claim his right to the house and so can tax liabilities.

Doing everything on our own:

It’s not good to do everything on our own when we sell or buy a home. We should take the help of a real estate agent. We should select a good real estate agent who has deep knowledge on the subject. He will direct us on the market trends and a few other crucial aspects of the sale or the buy.

To be successful in real estate industry is easier said than done, while professional investors choose joint ventures, wholesaling, property management and quite a few other things to stamp their victory, it takes a little proficiency coupled with market knowledge. Despite the fact that a professional degree is not a prerequisite to lucrative real estate investing, it is important to learn and analyze the market and with that said there are certain key characteristics that top real estate investors possess in general. This article will help you spot out those key terms you should be having an eye on.

Always start with a plan:

Have short and long-term goals depending on the project you handle and know the minor setbacks to keep away from it when working. In view of the fact that this is a complicated and demanding task, it is always good to start with a solid plan that keeps you organized and on task.

The real estate market:

This is a very important task and it is highly essential to have an in-depth knowledge of your selected market(s). By knowing the market you can predict patterns of prices, supply, and demand which in the long run will help you know better about any changes including consumer spending habits, mortgage rates and the unemployment rate, current conditions, and plan for the future.

Zack Childress Directives to boost real estate returns

Real estate is one of the lucrative industries that provide an excellent opportunity to get a good ROI.For this, all that you need is, be in terms with what you are doing to yield positive returns from a real estate deal. However, at the same time, the risk involved in real estate can lead to bankruptcy and depending on the economic affairs there are chances for you to become a person that has lost everything.

You need to be familiar on the subject of real estate scenario, and this precedes the process of purchasing a rental property or putting money into any particular realty. You cannot become affluent overnight with real estate deals. You need considerable amount of patience and those who have come out with flying colors in real estate have done considerable research, and they treat it like a full-time profession.

Come to terms with your risk:

It is a blatant fact that you are getting into something risky when going for a real estate deal. When going for investment in real estate property, you need to be aware of the risk which every stride has to put forth. Every step of the way, there is going to be some kind of risk, so you need to come to terms with your risk and your limitations.

If you can handle things unaccompanied, then a fixer-upper would suit you. If you are not that handy, it might not be the right choice; considering a fixer-upper without knowing how to handle it will end up in a situation where you have to give out money for professionals, ultimately resulting in reduction of the profit that you were supposed to yield. You have to know to tackle people individually. If you do not desire interacting with people, do not go for a multi-unit property. When you do not have any fair idea regarding the vicinity, you have to resort to some other alternative.

Hedge Inflation:

Above all, during times of financial tight corner, you have to know how far the money goes. When there is a hike in inflation, the salary class people find themselves in financial constraint, and they find it hard to make the ends meet. The same is the case with an apartment manager. During times of inflation, the apartment manager opts to hike the rent to meet your requirements for the inflation.

There is a direct association between the real estate returns and the costs that exist in the market. When inflation occurs, other costs will also increase. But, the expenditures on other basic amenities will not have a negative influence on the real estate income. But, a landlord who is not diligent may lose the chance to make the best out of the favorable circumstances.

Keep track of the duration of investment:

You might be spending majority of your time on the property. Apartments that do not adhere to the quality guidelines will result in the investor spending more time on the investment. On an hourly basis, calculate the money you obtain through the property.

Start with the ABCs

If you are a novice in the real estate, do not consider putting a huge amount on a posh apartment. Start from the basics, and purchase the residence where most of the people prefer to purchase it.

Once you have got an idea of the location, hold a meeting with the realtor. Get a clear picture of the market in the vicinity. When you know much about the market, allocate time for the market and see to it that it works in your favor.

Zack Childress, the multifaceted realty expert, has held a number of seminars which throw light on the process of increasing real estate returns. You could read his articles to know how to get into a realty dealing which is scam-free.

An Insight Into Time Taken To Save Money Or Down Payment-Zack childress

As with home ownership, down payment is a major concern, however, together with it, add up other expenses like closing costs and reserving funds for the unavoidable maintenance and other everyday expenditures. So, together with the matter of saving for your down payment, you need to be ready to spend for other operating costs as well.

If truth be told, very few are able to save money for down payment in a period of 12 months, and it is a matter of years, actually speaking. On the other hand, involving people who have been faced with other concerns of life like rising rental values and health care costs, it will take years and years of time to save money for down payment.

In view of the fact that, strong demands for homes coupled with the scarcity of available homes for sale are two significant factors that cause home prices to go up across the globe, this has paved a way to inaccessibility of homeownership for some buyers. With that said, now let us have a look at why you should consider giving a higher percentage of down payments and how it benefits you. Zack Childress Reviews Cons of Dual Agency

The chances of you getting that mortgage are high- An amount paid prior to buying a house is very important and only when you are ready to pay such high percentage of down payment for your home, banks will be ready to offer you a mortgage. With that said, the chance for you to qualify for a mortgage is high when the down payment is more. The once existed 10, 5, and zero down payments are not noticeable these days.

All rules pertaining to the consumer financial protection bureau has changed in the recent years- For a person to qualify for a mortgage amount, he/she will have to meet a 43% debt-to-income ratio meaning after you tot up credit payments, property taxes including other money owing, like credit card balances, your auto loans or education loans, your entire arrears has to be not as much of than $43 for every $100 in earnings you produce on a month basis. With this being the state of affairs, the probability for you to qualify for a mortgage is high.

With a higher percentage of down payments, you can enjoy smaller monthly mortgage payments together with the benefit of less interest rate. And by this means, you can save a significant amount of funds over the life of a mortgage. This paves a way to greater financial sense, in addition, it helps you to better prepare for sequestration.

With a more than expected percentage of down payments, you can also enjoy instant equity build up. For instance, a percentage more than 20% of down payment is said to put equity into a property as soon as you purchase it and that down payment defends you if the real estate market turns sliding in the interim.

Stay updated with Zack Childress real estate tips, learn more details regarding home mortgage loans. His articles help you know how to get into a scam free real estate transaction.

Mistakes of real estate investors
Quality Real Estate Guidelines
Quality Real Estate Guidelines
Quality Real Estate Guidelines
Quality Real Estate Guidelines


These are some general top class suggestions for sellers. It will help them in obtaining a hot real estate deal.

Zack Childress Quality Real Estate Guidelines
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Zack Childress Quality Real Estate Guidelines
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