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Practices Of Top Class Real Estate agents Reviewed By Zack Childress

Introduction Real estate agents play an important role in real estate deals. Often, buyers and sellers find it difficult to market and close deals on their own. Hence they hire real estate agents. A seller’s real estate agent markets their homes, evaluates market trends, gives staging tips, brings in appropriate buyers and so on. A…

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Zack Childress Real Estate Hacks That Will Help in Closing The Deals

Being unaware of certain things in a competitive field like real estate can ruin your entire riches. Handling real estate deals properly is what makes selling properties easy; else the job is going to be very tough. And a majority of people have the misconception that hiring a real estate agent can help get their…

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Zack Childress Real Estate Firms Eye Crowdfunding to Attract Investors

Real estate companies that are in need of seed funding now have a new destination: Crowdfunding web sites. The Wall Street Journal has reported on the rising number of crowdfunding web sites that banks on the promise of easy online investing. According to The Journal’s estimates, these crowdfunding companies have raised “over $135 million in…

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