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The 24-Week Challenge: Week 2 – Getting Ready

So, we’re discussing this question for week 2 of our 24-week challenge with Zack Childress: How do real estate investors build real wealth and freedom without access to millions of dollars in capital? Today’s topic is Getting Ready… it’s about having the tools in place to help grow your business. You should only get the…

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The 24-Week Challenge: Week 1 – Putting A Game Plan In Place

So, how do real estate investors build real wealth and freedom without access to millions of dollars in capital? Zack Childress is going to tell us how over 24 weeks… starting with this episode. Putting a game plan in place (ep 1) covers budget and time management. We’ll start with using time-blocking, which we’ll talk…

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Zack Childress Real Estate Benefits and Drawbacks of Escalation Clause

Zack Childress real estate briefly discusses about the escalation clause and how it works in this article. It is beneficial for both sellers and buyers in real estate market. Escalation clause can be usually seen in a binding contract. You can take the assistance of a real estate attorney in case of any queries. A…

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Zack Childress Real Estate-How to Purchase Self-Storage Deals

Zack childress real estate-there are basic traits in purchasing a self-storage property. The population is the key factor in determining which asset to purchase. The investors have to allocate some money for paying the self-storage. It is one of the best investment property options which are often overlooked by real estate investors. Zack Childress explains…

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Dc Fawcett Reviews – What are the Common Blunders Committed by Real Estate Investor? (Part2)

Dc Fawcett reviews investors may lose money in auctions. Many NGO’s or companies conduct public auctions where some are scam. Without knowing about it, the people pay the amount for which they bid and at last it would be either vacant land or it would be a fake property sale. Open house is a process…

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Dc Fawcett real estate Tips -How to Find Best Real Estate Deals?

Dc Fawcett real estate tips though there are many kinds of real estate deals, some are really worth and some are not. Dc Fawcett presents a piece of writing on how to find best deals which are truly worth investments and not to be missed by any investor. Dc Fawcett real estate   1.Foreclosed homes…

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Zack Childress Overview on Co-Operative Housing

Zack childress,a co-operative housing unit is generally termed as co-op owned by shareholders. These shareholders are members of a co-operation who own shares. These shareholders are offered an apartment with a lease period. Often these co-ops are compared with a condo, but the type of ownership, renting regulations differs. The owners have all the rights…

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Zack Childress Real Estate in 7 ways of selling a home fast

Zack childress real estate there are billions of sellers, but how to attract a buyer and sell your home fast? Zack Childress real estate reviews suggest 7 ways to sell your home fast 1.Appearance Make sure that the outlook of your home is pleasant as well as attractive to capture the attention of the buyers.…

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Zack Childress views on real estate wholesaling

Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems is similar to house flipping but for a short span and without doing repair work, it is sold. A real estate wholesaler, contract with the home seller, finds a potential buyer and markets the home. The profit earned by the wholesaler is pretty good as the buyer price is more…

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Zack Childress real estate branding-ways of promoting real estate

Zack childress Real estate can be successful if and only if it is branded in a right way. Logos and captions were traditional methods of branding strategies. The secret behind the success of real estate marketing is by using creative elements and conveying message on point. To become an established real estate brand ambassador, strong…

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